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Material Sizing, Colour & Dust Explained

Decorative Aggregates Sizing

All our aggregates are naturally quarried, so there may be variations in size with in each material. All raw materials go through a screening process at the quarry, which are set up to separate different size materials. See fig:1

fig:1 Screen Plant

Above is an example of a screener. This could be set up to sort the following size materials as an example 120mm-80mm, 40mm and 20mm.

The materials are put in at the raw materials inlet section usually with bars set at 120mm apart, anything bigger should be rejected then crushed down to be re-processed at a later time.

The material then passes through a shaker deck moving the material along the machine, first it will sort are all 120mm-80mm with a series bars allowing anything smaller than 80mm to pass through, then the next set of bars allowing anything smaller than 40mm, then another set at 20mm.

The sorted materials then go along separate conveyor belts in to sorted piles ready for distribution.

PLEASE NOTE sizing is across all dimensions. For example one axis could measure 120mm and another axis could measure 40mm, this would pass into the 40mm sizing. To explain a little further if you look at the shape of an egg all axis are differing sizes i.e. longer on one dimension than the other.

Decorative Aggregates Colour Variations

There may be colour variations throughout our products which may differ slightly from the images on our website. While we take every measure to keep this to a minimum every piece cannot be checked.

Decorative Aggregates Dust

As all our products are naturally quarried and are still in a raw state when they arrive with you, a percentage of dust will still be on the material, this is quickly dispersed once laid either by the course of nature when it rains or alternatively rinsing your laid material.