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Material Sizing, Colour & Dust Explained

Decorative Aggregates Sizing

All our decorative aggregates are naturally mined materials, so you may have a variation of sizes with in each materials we send out, which in some cases look as though we have sent the wrong size products out.

All raw materials go from the quarry through a screening plant, which are set up to separate different size materials on one pass through the plant. See fig:1

fig:1 Screen Plant

The machine above could be to sort the following size materials 120mm-80mm, 40mm and 20mm.

The materials are put in at the raw materials inlet section usually with bars set at 120mm apart, anything bigger should be rejected then crushed down to be re-processed at a later time.

The material then passes through a shaker deck moving the material along the machine, first it will sort are all 120mm-80mm with a series bars allowing anything smaller than 80mm to pass through, then the next set of bars allowing anything smaller than 40mm, then another set at 20mm.

The sorted materials then go along separate conveyor belts in to sorted piles ready for distribution

Decorative Aggregates Colour Variations

There maybe some colour variations when you receive your products which differs from the images on the website, while we take every measure to keep this to a minimum, as the products we sell are quarried with materials such as Plum Slate, they will follows seams of Plum Slate, where a seam below this seam might Green Slate so you may end up with a couple of pieces of slate which are both look plum and green slate. Below is a few seam from a slate mine as you can see there is colour variation through the site.

Decorative Aggregates Dust

As all our products are naturally mined and are still in a raw state when they arrive at Stone & Garden with a percentage of dust from the quarries, to keep competitive we don't wash our materials unless nature takes it's course and rains, this will take care of some of the dust and wash the top layers off.

There is every chance you will receive handy bags or Bulk bags with dust in them, this can be washed away with a garden hose or letting nature take it's course.