Preparing for the cold season

Winter is almost upon us, which means that there are a number of jobs to be completed in the garden to make sure that it is protected from the dropping temperatures.. If these tasks aren’t completed in time you could find that your plants and flowers are damaged throughout the winter or that your garden isn’t as safe to work in as it is during the rest of the year.

Helping your Plants

One of the most important tasks for you to complete during the autumn months is to mulch the surface of your flowerbeds. By mulching your flowerbeds you can insulate the roots of your plants and protect them against the effects of frost.

There are a number of materials that you can use as mulch, many of which we covered in our article earlier in the year which you can read here.  We stock materials such as 10mm Gravel, 20mm Plum Slate and many more which are all suitable for protecting your soil from frosty conditions.

Watch you don't slip...

Working in your garden during the winter can be potentially hazardous due to the chances of slipping or falling whilst navigating the grounds. This hazard is caused by frost and ice as it begins to spread throughout your garden and can only be prevented or controlled through the use of rock salt.

By covering the ground with a layer of rock salt and grit you can reduce the point at which the water freezes and also provide stability. The grit that you lay across the ground improves manoeuvrability as it causes an increase in friction between the ice and the soles of your feet which in turn means that you will have a better grip whilst walking across any ice that forms despite the layer of salt.

Enhanced Drainage

When the snow has fallen and the thaw begins your soil can become bogged down by the sheer amount of melt water. It’s because of this excess water that you should attempt to improve the drainage within your garden during the autumn months. Although it’s unlikely that the excess water will cause significant amounts of damage to your garden, it’s still best that you do not take the risk.

To enhance the drainage within your garden you can mix specific aggregates into the soil to add more space between the soil particles, allowing the water to drain quickly. The most common aggregates to be mixed into the soil are sand and horticultural grit as they are incredibly fine particles and won’t discourage or impair root growth.


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